Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's been awhile . New Story Prompt the prompt is "I knew what it felt like to be a outsider."
And I used my friend Beverly as the character. As always I suck at editing :/ and grammar . 

 "Beverley And The Glass Castle ."  

I knew what it felt like to be a outsider . 
After all I was Bev the princess of the glass castle .
Cursed at a young age I can never leave the castle walls or I will fall deathly ill . 
But as a unwanted side effect after my sixteenth birthday I stopped aging. 
I'm not sure how many years have passed . A couple or maybe many more . 
Before many people would visit me . We would have dances or simple games of chess.
That was before the droughts as the land started decaying . The people named me the cursed princess and all but my servants feared entering the castle walls. 

Every day I sit and watch the people on the outside talking,smiling,laughing,living and I envy them .
I would give so much just to be able to walk in the fresh air. To stroll in the market place. 
Even to toil the soil my subjects work hard on .  
If it wasn't for my two loyal servants I would waste away sitting at the edge of the castle watching .
"How long must this go on ?" I never asked for this . "Why was I cursed so harshly ?"
I scream to the top of my lungs . "I've had enough ! " "I want to live ! " 
The people on the street stop what they are doing and look at me in horror. 

Before I was a strong princess never mouthing a complaint . 
While little by little people who once loved me came to detest me . Prim and proper I was no longer as I fell to my knees crying. The sky darkens and a man dressed in black carrying a large sword walks towards me .

He mocks bows "Hello Princess ." "I'm here to grant your wish ." "What is it that you long for ?"
"To live among my people . " " To be free of these walls." I say .
"And can you dear Princess risk everything for this ? " "Even your life?" He says with a smirk . 

My servants rush to my side and try to pull me away . " Please stop Princess Bev . " "We need you ."  
"You can't trust him he is a fallen one . " 
I pull away from their arms and whisper "I'm sorry ."
I stand up proper once more "Yes. " "Please grant my wish ."
He bows once more "Your wish is my command ." 

His sword glows red and he slices at the glass walls . It was no normal sword for with one fluid slice the walls shattered . One by one . After the people realized what was happening they fell to the ground to the crying . "Noo." Some cried .  Others moaned "She will die ." 
Every single last once watch on in horror. And for the first time I saw that I was truly loved . 

He grabs be my hand and pulls me out of the dying castle . I cried . I laughed as the gentle wind caressed my face . One by one my people came and hugged me . I ran as fast as my feet could carry me with his hand in mine . Looking at my beautiful city .
Out of breath he carries to sit by a river ." Are you okay ?" He asks a worried look on his face . 
There was so many things I wanted to say . So many things I wanted to do . But the world began to spin .  He cradled me in his arms as my breaths got shorter .
 I could vaguely hear people gathering to my sides . 
I use the rest of my strength to speak . "It's ok ."  
The people cry out in pain . But I can no longer hear it .
I touch his face "Thank you . " 

The world goes black and I smile . I am no longer prisoner of the glass castle .
And even if it was for a moment I got to live and people loved me . 
I feel myself begin to leave my body .
But I didn't mind. After all I got my wish . 

"Not so fast ." He calls after me . 

His lips touch mine .

My soul rushes back before I can even comprehend .
 My eyes open looking in to his . 
I look at him in disbelief . There was so much I wanted to say . So much I wanted to ask .

He shrugs "True love ."

I knew what it was like to be a outsider after all I was Beverly Princess of the glass castle . 
Until the day the dark prince broke the spell . 
Then I became Beverly ,Beloved Wife , Lover ,Mom , Friend , Traveler , Believer .
And we all lived with the good .With the bad .  
But never once did we resent it . 

Sally J Sullivan 9/10/2013

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Sky .

Happy Belated Birthday LaDayna . 

The sky bleeds brilliant reds. 
The cool wind embraces her face as she digs her feet into the sand. 
A single tear rolls down her cheek as she whispers softly to the person on the phone.

"No. “ “It’s okay. "  “I understand. “ “I'm fine.”

She lets the phone slip from her fingers letting the sand consume it.
The wind picks up messing up her carefully placed hair. 
She rips out the tight bun leaving her hair at the mercy of the wind.  
She looks at her beautiful white dress and sighs.
Stood up. Should have known it was too good to be true.
She tells herself trying to stop the pain in her heart.

Not caring anymore she sits down on the sand.
Somehow the grainy sand mixed with the pearly white of her dress was beautiful.
She laughs.  
She grabs a handful of sand and slowly lets it trickle down to her dress.
She watches with amusement.

Lost in her own world she fails to hear the trotting of the white horse before her.
"LaDayna?” A familiar voice calls. 
She looks up with shock as her Prince looks at her with amusement.

"Playing with sand are we?”

LaDayna crosses her arms and looks away.
 "You said you couldn't make it.” she harshly whispers.
The Prince gently laughs and kneels in front of her . 
He takes her face in his hands and gently has her face him. 
Anger and pain light up her eyes.

The Prince frowns "I'm sorry dear that was a bad joke.”
"But I promised you that I will be by your side always.”
“There is nothing that would keep me away from you on this special day.”

"I love you." He says and gently kisses her forehead.

LaDayna's cheeks turn red and her eyes light up.
She punches the prince's arm "You jerk.” "I love you too.”
They laugh as they embrace.

Then the Prince picks up LaDayna and places her on the white horse.
"Let's go were late." He says.
She raises an eyebrow "And whose fault is that?”
"Sorry." He says with a sheepish grin.

The sky bleeds brilliant reds as they ride away.
The cool wind embraces them as they embark on a new journey.
They sink their feet in the sand as they bind their hands.

Happily Ever After.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Power Prompt.

You wake up one day with an unusual super power that seems pretty worthless—until you are caught in a situation that requires that specific “talent.”

Everyone dreams of one day getting a superpower the power to fly perhaps?
The ability of super strength or to read minds. Those kind of fun things.
On the day before my twenty-first birthday my uncle pulls me aside and explains to me that our family has a secret.
On our twenty-first birthday we develop a super power.
So though a part of me doubted him another part was excited.

My power? The power to cry how lame is that ?

Now I am sure you have met girls who tear up at will .
But in a instant I could cry not just tears I mean really cry .
And no one could doubt my tears not even my family .
So maybe you think I used it to get my way with people ,well I didn't .
That's just not me so this superpower went on a mental shelf collecting dust.

Until that fateful night when a customer at my hated retail job made me snap .
It had been a long day at the customer service desk and just as I'm ready to shut it down this red head lady walks up to the desk .

She is wearing a expensive dress and bright red high heels, early thirty's I assume .
She is the kind you know the type that goes around with the air of I am too good to shop here, and you must be stupid cause you work here .

"Sorry we are closed. " I say.

"I really need this done and its 9:56 pm, still time till you close. “She says .

I bite my lip " Fine what do you need ? "

"I need to return this mp3 player and I want cash back ." She says.

I raise a eyebrow "Do you have a receipt? "

"Well of course not who keeps those! " She exclaims .

"Well then I can't help you maybe we can exchange it for the same one." I say .

"That won't do I need the cash. " She says .

"Sorry I can't help you then. " I say .

"Listen you redneck,good for nothing just do your job . " She says.

"Would you like to talk to a manger ? " I suggest .

She proceeds to tell the manger how I have been nothing but rude to her .
He says sorry but I am right without a receipt we cannot give her the cash .
You think she would leave then but oh no. I shut down the area the whole time she watches me whispering comments.
I try my best to ignore it soon I can go home .
I take my time going to the back and clocking out . I buy a simple tv dinner and head out the door .

As I start to put the key in my car door she approaches me .
"I won’t forget your rudeness . " She says .
"Please step away I am off the clock." I say .
"You know what's wrong with you people . " She says pointing her finger in my chest.

"Look lady , I don't care so back off . " I say .

She tilts her head "Or you will what ? Hide behind another manger?" She taunts me and pushes me lightly .

I reach in my purse and pull out a pistol "Or I will shoot. " I say.

She backs up a step and I thought I could get back to my life .
But that lady just laughs and laughs and once again pushes me a little harder. "Quit." I growl .

"I dare you . " She says .
"Excuse me ? " I ask.
"I dare you to shoot me ." She chuckles.

I shrug and unlock my car door that should have been it but no she grabs my keys and dangles them high up .
"Give me my keys back! " I demand .
"No." She says .

I don't even blink I shoot her in the head and she dies.
I grab my keys and smile serves her right.
Then reality hits me mangers dash towards with having heard the shot.

"What happened? " He asks.
I drop my gun and cry .
He wraps his arm around me "It will be ok ." He says .
I nod and whisper "She tried to kill me . " I lie .
He does not doubt me .

The police ask for me to tell them again what happen.
And then I cry so much they become uncomfortable in their chairs.
I tell them the same thing between sobs and they believe me .

They find me a great lawyer not that I needed him on the stand I cry with a simple blink .
As I stand to hear my charges I hold my breath.
The judge reads the verdict "Not guilty."

And one last time I cry.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Picture Prompt.

A picture on your mantle unexpectedly falls and crashes to the floor. As you go to pick it up, you notice a note hidden behind the picture. The message is from the future—and written by you. It instructs you to do something important. What does it say?

I sit by the fire enjoying the warmth of the fire place.
Outside the wind howls bringing with it colder temperatures.
I stoke the fire and get lost in the beauty of the flames.
As I stand to go get another glass of cocoa I hear something fall .

I take my time stirring my cocoa making sure to pile on the marshmallows.
I sip my cocoa as I walk around the picture.
How strange I think and pick up the picture of a forest.

It came with the cabin and it looked so nice on the mantle that I had decided to keep it .
I inspect it thankfully no broken glass the back just had slipped off.

I start to put the back on then a piece of paper falls to the floor.
Strangely from a quick look it looks like my hand writing.

“To : Myself . “

My heart starts to race as I pick up the letter delicately.

“Dear Myself . This is a letter from your future self I know this is hard to believe. “

“But if you’re reading this you don’t have much time left you must trust me. “
“Any moment now you will get a knock at the door ..”

I pause as I hear a loud pounding on the door .
Who would dare knock in the middle of the night?
Wait ? What the letter said I would hear knocking on the door.
I hurry to read the rest .

“Whatever you do if you value your life do not open the door . “

“Run !!!”

I stare at the letter with disbelief as a man yells “Hello anyone home ? “

“Don’t be an idiot run now !! “ The letter reads .

My eyes widen as the stranger jiggles the knob.
I look down at the letter my hands shaking the last line simply says:
“Please . “

The door begins to shake it was easy to tell whoever it is not here for a cup of sugar.

I run to the back door taking care to open it quietly.
I quickly look to my left and right no one is there.
I hear voices inside the cabin and I take off running no matter that I am barefoot.

Every twig feels like small knifes in my feet.
A distant shouting seems to be coming my way .
I push the wind with all my might as he closes in .

The faster I run the slower I feel I am going. Like trying to reach the end of a never ending tunnel.
“Just give it up . “ A man mocks .

I break away from the path and hide behind a tree .
The branches dig into my skin as the cold air torments my bare skin .

“ Come out where ever you are ..” The man calls only a few feet away from me .

I hold my breath as tears run down my face .
What the hell is going on ?
Why am I running ?

I wait in the stillness till the man walks away finally I exhale.

A icy hand grabs my wrist as he hisses in my ear “Found you . “ the man says with delight .

I try to escape his grasp but he chuckles and grabs my other wrist and presses me against the tree.

His cloak falls away from his face as the moon shines down on him .

I gasp “ My what big ears you have ..”

“All the better to hear you with my dear ..” He says grinning .

Under the moonlight his human face fades away.

“ My what big eyes you have ..” I say my voice shaking .

“All the better to see you with my dear . “ He growls .

The wolf opens his mouth breathing down my neck .

“My what big teeth you have. “ I say crying .

He chuckles “All the better to eat you with .”

“Please no ..” I beg .

The wolf leans in and smells my neck and licks his mouth in delight.

He laughs “Maybe if you beg more .”

“Please let me go ..” I cry .

“Never .” The wolf growls and bites down on my neck .

And then the wicked wolf fell upon Little Red Riding Hood, and ate her all up.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Match Writing Prompt

You come across a pack of matches that sets off a series of uncanny events. Start your story with “My mother always told me not to play with fire.” End it with “And that’s how I ended up in the middle of nowhere—naked.”

“My mother always told me not to play with fire.” I should have listened.

It all started with a pack of matches.
I watch with amusement how quickly the flame spreads taking with it my fears and pain. As I light another match I think back to my day.

It was just another cool morning as I entered the school. But as I walk to my locker I can tell something isn’t right. I am not popular in fact I am almost invisible but today the kids point and whisper.

Some jocks look my way and laugh. “Alice “they call out to me.
I pick up speed as my breath becomes shallow.
The hall seems to get smaller with each step I take.
Just what in the world is going on?

I notice some posters from the corner of my eye my gut tells me not to look but I can’t resist. My hand shakes as I rip it down my head crudely pasted on a naked woman’s figure. But what is written about me below is even worse.

What have I done to deserve such treatment?
I keep to myself in fact I haven’t even kissed a boy.

But that’s the trouble with rumors they take on a life of their own.

I suppress a scream as I approach my locker. Written in red : Bitch.” “Whore. “ “Loser. “ “Slut.”

I open the door inside it is crammed with notes.
“Die. “ One says. “Kill yourself.“Another says.

Along with some others from boys asking to “play” with me.
The room spins as I vomit on the floor.
No one comes to comfort me they look away and once again for a moment I am invisible.

I run into a bathroom stall and lock the door. Inside I silently sob trying to make sense of everything.
On the floor is a pack of matches probably left from an upperclassman.
I roll it in my hands letting my mind slip away.

The door slams as two girls enter the bathroom.

“You went too far Jane!! “ The girl yells.

“Alice has never even once looked your way.”

Jane laughs “Who cares? “

“I’m going to tell. “ The girl announces.

I watch from the slit in my stall as Jane pushes the other girl against the wall.
“Do it then. “ “I will just have tell everyone just what a bad girl you are. “

“Please don’t. “ The girl cries. “Then get out of my sight.” Jane says releasing her.

The rest of the day is a blur. Somehow I had made it home and ran to my room.
Once my parents are asleep I slip on sweat pants and hoodie and take a drive.
As I pass the park I see her and my blood starts to boil.

Life was so simple before her.
All I had to worry about was getting to school on time. I was invisible and I loved it.

No stupid click to report to. No whiny friends.
Just myself keeping my head low till I can leave this stupid town.

But she went and turned my world upside down. For what reason? Probably for her own sick amusement.

I slam on the brakes and walk up to her. I waste no time and slap her face.

She steps back stunned for only a moment.
“What was that for?” She asks anger filling her eyes.

“You know all too well! “ I yell.

She turns her to the side and smirks “It speaks. “

“I’m not “it” I’m Alice! “

“Tomorrow you’re going to tell everyone you started this rumor so I can have some peace. “

She laughs “You’re upset just over today.” “You amuse me so much. “

“Give me my life back! “ I growl as I push her to the ground.

“Never, in fact I am just getting started. “

I fall to my knees my hands shaking. This will never end I can feel it.
She will make every day a living hell.
It will taint everything.

She smirks as she leans in whispering in my ear “Slut. “

I watch as my dainty hands grab her neck. I am no longer in control as continue to choke her.

Oh how she tries to fight back but it’s pointless her face turns blue as she tries to whisper for me to stop.
Finally she is quiet as I release my hands I come back to my senses.

“Jane..” “Jane..”
She doesn’t answer. I shake her but nothing.
She is dead.

The fire starts to die down and brings me back to reality.
I throw another match on her body.
I hover near the fire but I get to close my hoodie starts to burn.

I rip it off and throw it in the fire.
The fire glows brilliantly it has a calming effect on me.
I toss the rest of my clothes in the fire as it grows I let my mind slip away.

“And that’s how I ended up in the middle of nowhere—naked.”

Friday, September 30, 2011

Writing Prompt Phobia.

Create a character that has an unusual phobia. Write a scene that causes that character to face his fear.

Dear Diary,

As you know from my past entries, I am very scared of mirrors.
Even the word sounds ominous.
I only have one mirror a tiny compact that I quickly glance at in the morning.
Sometimes it’s just too much I will not look and just hope I look ok.

I am lucky to live in a city with great bus transportation.
It started when I was young.I saw strange shadows in the corner of my eye while looking in the mirror.

Kids at my school found out and chased me around with compact mirrors since that day it only got worse.
I haven’t had many boyfriends the few I have had never understood me.

I have a boyfriend now but he doesn’t know my secret. I have been making accuses not to go on dates, afraid it won’t go well.
But tonight I must go wish me luck.

“Are you ready? “Chris calls out.

“Yes. “ I say as I take a deep breath and walk out the door.

“I can do this. “ I whisper as I sit in his car.

I know he is worried since I can’t help but look at the floor so I don’t have to see the mirrors.

I grab his hand and he smiles. “I think you will like the restaurant. “

I make a silent wish this place isn’t full of mirrors even I deserve happiness right?

“We’re here.” He proudly announces.

I hold my breath as we walk up to the restaurant.

“Isn’t this great? “ He says pointing to the sign .

“House of Mirrors.”

I wanted to cry. Are you kidding me? Out of all the places we could have went he choose this.

“Hope you like it heard it’s hard to get a reservation. “ “I got lucky . “

“Unlucky “ I mutter under my breath .

He pulls me behind him not noticing the panic in my eyes.
All on the wall around us mirrors …mirrors. Everywhere. My reflection seems to mocking me or staring at me .

I should just run. I could just tell him then he will break up with me but I can leave this place.

“Are you ok? “ “The waitress wants your order.”

“I’m ok sorry could you just order for me?”

“Sure dear .” He says.

While we wait he talks about his work I try only to look at him.
Focusing on him helps me some I do my best to smile and nod.
But any time I look up it feels like the mirrors grow closer.

Shadows dance in the corners enjoying my pain .
By the time the food comes I am on edge I not even hungry anymore.
I take small bites and assure him its good.

The shadows grow larger they reach out for me .
I jump up “ I’m sorry .. I can’t do this . “

I run out of the restaurant and vomit.
“Sue are you ok ? “ “Are you sick ? “

I have taken all I can take I fall on my knees and cry . “Chris I am scared of mirrors. “
“They terrify me I tried my best but I just can’t take it anymore. “

I was waiting for him to laugh like the others. I was waiting for him to leave me.
Instead he pulls me into embrace gently stroking my back. “Silly you should have told me. “

“That must have been hard thank you. “

“You’re not going to leave me ? “ I ask .

“No .”

“Unless you are scared of penguins now that would be weird. “ He jokes .

“Why penguins? “

He blushes “I’m a little obsessed with them. “ “They are just so adorable. “

“Chris . “


“Never take me to the zoo . “

He pauses.

“I’m serious. “ I say .

He laughs. “Deal. “

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Forest.

The Forest.

They always said to never enter the forest .But never did they give a clear reason why.

Oh there are rumors and whispers of evil lurking.
Beyond the trees little Timmy are witches so you best eat your breakfast. Susie stay close to home or the dragons will eat you.
Nothing more than stories to get the children to mind.

Ask directly and the people will close their mouths and talk about you in secret.
In fact it’s a unwritten law not to go to the forest.

But as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the forest.
At a young age of five I would sneak to the edge of the forest and just sit.
Even though I knew if I was caught I’d get in trouble I just couldn’t stay away.

How could something so beautiful be bad?
As I grew older the more I felt strange, like I wasn’t like the rest. And I think the other kids felt it as well.
No matter how friendly I was they did their best to avoid me.
With my mother and father busy with their work life became lonely.

At thirteen when my peers were getting interested in boys the more secluded I became.
I would spend hours at the edge talking to the calming breeze that flew through the trees.
To me the forest became my best friend.

It never shunned me because I was different.
It listened to all my joy and sorrows.
One day after crying my eyes out to the trees I heard my name.

“Lucy..” The wind gently howls.

My gut told me to run away.
But my heart was delighted!
Oh how lonely I have been and now it calls my name.

I walk away to make sure I wasn’t going crazy ,leaves dance around my feet and the voice howls louder “Lucy.”

I smile my dear forest is calling for me. I don’t stop to question I just run ahead into the lush forest.
Though unkempt as it is not a single branch scratches me as if it opening a path.

I walk on for hours forgetting the time as I get lost in the forest.
Whispers surround me “Lucy..” “Lucy..” . I look around but I am alone.

I become sleepy as the sky darkens I rest my head against a tree as my eyes close someone whispers in my ear“Children never go in the forest for it shows your true nature. “

As I slept I dreamed of another me.
I look up in the sky planes roar overhead.
Adults are screaming and running.
I sit on the ground rocking back and forth with my teddy bear. “Teddy it’s too loud. “ “Teddy I’m scared. “ My little hands cup my ears.

“Lucy ! “ My mother screams running towards me .
She holds me in her arms but it’s too late.
The sky turns bright as the bombs fall down.
My body twitches as I look around the town is merely dust.

I close my eyes.

I wake with a scream.
“Everything is a lie .” “I am ..we all are gone.”
I get up and look back searching for a exit. “I must go back home.”

A gust of wind surrounds me as it settles a glowing light approaches me .
“Lucy you can never go back.” “You will ruin it for everyone.”

“They should know it’s a lie, all a lie! “

“But they are happy so leave them be. “

“Fine I won’t tell them then can I go back home? “

The light moves slowly back and forth as if shaking its head “They will know by just looking at you. “

“ I’m lonely .” I say but the light just disappears.

Rocks line at my feet and the tree branches reach out for me .

“ Lucy we are here . “ “Lucy play with us ! “

I smile.

"They say never enter the forest. Don’t bother asking them why."

"Beware of the forest for it holds your true self."