Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's been awhile . New Story Prompt the prompt is "I knew what it felt like to be a outsider."
And I used my friend Beverly as the character. As always I suck at editing :/ and grammar . 

 "Beverley And The Glass Castle ."  

I knew what it felt like to be a outsider . 
After all I was Bev the princess of the glass castle .
Cursed at a young age I can never leave the castle walls or I will fall deathly ill . 
But as a unwanted side effect after my sixteenth birthday I stopped aging. 
I'm not sure how many years have passed . A couple or maybe many more . 
Before many people would visit me . We would have dances or simple games of chess.
That was before the droughts as the land started decaying . The people named me the cursed princess and all but my servants feared entering the castle walls. 

Every day I sit and watch the people on the outside talking,smiling,laughing,living and I envy them .
I would give so much just to be able to walk in the fresh air. To stroll in the market place. 
Even to toil the soil my subjects work hard on .  
If it wasn't for my two loyal servants I would waste away sitting at the edge of the castle watching .
"How long must this go on ?" I never asked for this . "Why was I cursed so harshly ?"
I scream to the top of my lungs . "I've had enough ! " "I want to live ! " 
The people on the street stop what they are doing and look at me in horror. 

Before I was a strong princess never mouthing a complaint . 
While little by little people who once loved me came to detest me . Prim and proper I was no longer as I fell to my knees crying. The sky darkens and a man dressed in black carrying a large sword walks towards me .

He mocks bows "Hello Princess ." "I'm here to grant your wish ." "What is it that you long for ?"
"To live among my people . " " To be free of these walls." I say .
"And can you dear Princess risk everything for this ? " "Even your life?" He says with a smirk . 

My servants rush to my side and try to pull me away . " Please stop Princess Bev . " "We need you ."  
"You can't trust him he is a fallen one . " 
I pull away from their arms and whisper "I'm sorry ."
I stand up proper once more "Yes. " "Please grant my wish ."
He bows once more "Your wish is my command ." 

His sword glows red and he slices at the glass walls . It was no normal sword for with one fluid slice the walls shattered . One by one . After the people realized what was happening they fell to the ground to the crying . "Noo." Some cried .  Others moaned "She will die ." 
Every single last once watch on in horror. And for the first time I saw that I was truly loved . 

He grabs be my hand and pulls me out of the dying castle . I cried . I laughed as the gentle wind caressed my face . One by one my people came and hugged me . I ran as fast as my feet could carry me with his hand in mine . Looking at my beautiful city .
Out of breath he carries to sit by a river ." Are you okay ?" He asks a worried look on his face . 
There was so many things I wanted to say . So many things I wanted to do . But the world began to spin .  He cradled me in his arms as my breaths got shorter .
 I could vaguely hear people gathering to my sides . 
I use the rest of my strength to speak . "It's ok ."  
The people cry out in pain . But I can no longer hear it .
I touch his face "Thank you . " 

The world goes black and I smile . I am no longer prisoner of the glass castle .
And even if it was for a moment I got to live and people loved me . 
I feel myself begin to leave my body .
But I didn't mind. After all I got my wish . 

"Not so fast ." He calls after me . 

His lips touch mine .

My soul rushes back before I can even comprehend .
 My eyes open looking in to his . 
I look at him in disbelief . There was so much I wanted to say . So much I wanted to ask .

He shrugs "True love ."

I knew what it was like to be a outsider after all I was Beverly Princess of the glass castle . 
Until the day the dark prince broke the spell . 
Then I became Beverly ,Beloved Wife , Lover ,Mom , Friend , Traveler , Believer .
And we all lived with the good .With the bad .  
But never once did we resent it . 

Sally J Sullivan 9/10/2013

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